Airdrop Season | Avant Premiere Experience

Dear community

Airdrop Season has officially begun at Shirtum!

We kicked off a few days ago with a very special airdrop of ‘El Dúo’, an NFT which represents and commemorates the years that Ronaldinho and Saviola shared at Futbol Club Barcelona. Now, Airdrop Season continues and comes loaded with great surprises and cool challenges for all of you who have been supporting the project since day one.

Avant Premiere and Galatasaray NFT holders; this might interest you!

As we said in our last medium, “all members of the Shirtum community who have participated in the Avant Premiere (i.e. bought an NFT of any of our 8 founding players) and/or Galatasaray and who are currently still owners of these NFTs, will be rewarded in the near future with an airdrop related to their NFT”.

For Avant Premiere Holders:

In the coming months, holders will receive a different airdrop for every NFT they own of each of the players of the Avant Premiere.

Those airdrops will be done per each NFT you own, meaning that if you have 3 NFTs of the same player you will receive 3 airdrops of that player directly in your wallet, with no cost for you and with the possibility of taking them to OpenSea and trading them in the secondary market.

We are also working on developing a multi-chain Shirtum marketplace therefore the filmic NFTs you own in BSC will not be tradable for the moment, as we don’t want any kind of interferences during the process.

Our commitment to our early holders starts with the player that inaugurated the Avant Premiere, thus representing the first collection of NFTs that Shirtum ever launched, our origins… Javier Saviola NFT holders, this is your airdrop week!

These NFTs will consist of a collection of 100 different and unique PFP avatars that represent, through art, the most outstanding moments of “el conejo’s” football career including all the teams he has played for; emotional moments of his childhood; his beginnings at River, his time as a ball boy; the stadium where he became an idol; the time he sweeped the U20 World Cup with all the trophies that were awarded in that event; his arrival in Europe to one of the greatest clubs; being a member of a golden generation in the Olympics; achieving glory in one of the two most important club tournaments in Europe and being named best player of the tournament…

‘El Conejo’ always left a footprint in every club he played for and consecrated his career by honoring and giving recognition to the first stadium where he ever played.

The Javier Saviola Collection airdrop will take place next Friday, April 29th at 10 am UTC (the time could vary depending on gas fees — we will keep you informed.)
In the meantime, if you are a Saviola NFT holder, please fill in this form with the email with which you registered in our webapp, your internal webapp wallet, and the wallet address in which you would like to receive this airdrop.

For holders of any of the other Avant Premiere players’ NFTs, stay tuned for more surprises in the coming weeks!

For Galatasaray Holders:

All holders of any of the NFTs categories of the Galatasaray Collection (Iconic, Mythical and Legendary), will receive a very special airdrop that hides great surprises, games and unique utilities that we cannot reveal yet, but that we are currently preparing for you and we already know you will enjoy.

We will be releasing more details in the coming weeks — Don’t miss out!

Once again, the Shirtum Team wants to thank you all for the trust you have placed in us and your unconditional support since the very beginning. You, our community, are the core piece of this project whose mission is to allow you to experience a new way of living sports.

We continue to work towards our vision of becoming the benchmark for sports NFTs.


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