Airdrop Season Is Back

As we stated in the past, your filmic NFTs from the Avant Premiere and/or Galatasaray Collections would be soon available in the ETH Network; well, that moment has finally arrived!

In the coming days and weeks, all members of the Shirtum community who have participated in the Avant Premiere (i.e. bought an NFT of any of our 8 founding players) and/or Galatasaray and who are still owners of these NFTs by the time of the snapshot, will receive an airdrop of the same filmic NFT on the Ethereum network.

Below, you’ll find each of the estimated days set for the Avant Premiere & Galatasaray filmic airdrops with their respective snapshot:

Javier Saviola

Snapshot: 04/08/22 09:00 UTC

Airdrop: 04/08/22 11:00 UTC

Papu Gómez

Snapshot: 08/08/22 09:00 UTC

Airdrop: 08/08/22 11:00 UTC

Iván Rakitic

Snapshot: 12/08/22 09:00 UTC

Airdrop: 12/08/22 11:00 UTC


Snapshot: 15/08/22 09:00 UTC

Airdrop: 15/08/22 11:00 UTC

Nico Pareja

Snapshot: 19/08/22 09:00 UTC

Airdrop:19/08/22 11:00 UTC

Diego Perotti


22/08/22 09:00 UTC

Airdrop: 22/08/22 11:00 UTC

Lucas Ocampos

Snapshot: 26/08/22 09:00 UTC

Airdrop:26/08/22 11:00 UTC

Alberto Moreno

Snapshot: 29/08/22 09:00 UTC

Airdrop: 29/08/22 11:00 UTC

Marcelo Guedes

Snapshot: 02/09/22 09:00 UTC

Airdrop: 02/09/22 11:00 UTC

In order to guarantee that you receive the airdrop correctly in your external web3 wallet (e.g. Metamask), you’ll have to go through the following steps:

  1. Go to and sign in with your account credentials

2. Click on your username (@) in the upper right corner of the screen

3. Click on “My Profile”

4. Click on the “Metamask” or “Wallet Connect” button in order to link your web3 wallet with the webapp

5. All set! Your external wallet is linked to your account. You’re now ready to receive the airdrop of your filmic NFT in the ETH Network!

This is not all in terms of airdrops; all holders of these filmic NFTs will be rewarded (also in the ETH network) with an artistic airdrop related to their NFT:

Avant Premiere

In the coming weeks, holders will be able to claim a unique generative art airdrop for every NFT they own of each of the players of the Avant Premiere, meaning that if for example you own 3 NFTs of the same player, you will have 3 airdrops of that player directly in your Web3 wallet, with no cost for you and with the possibility to trade them in the secondary market.

As you may remember, a few months ago we kicked off with an airdrop of the player that inaugurated the Avant Premiere, aka Javier Saviola. The collection consisted of a series of 100 different and unique PFP avatars that represented, through art, the most outstanding moments of “el conejo’s” football career.

Now, the time has come to continue airdropping exclusive collections of unique NFT artworks of the remaining avant premiere players.

Note that each of the NFTs that make up every Shirtum collection are unique and special, since there are no 2 NFTs alike. The art of each digital piece is handmade, so it is important to highlight the great work behind each of the pieces; a work that requires great detail, dedication and time.

As always, the Shirtum Team wants to thank you all for being there through thick and thin. You, our community, are the core piece of this project and we want to show our enormous gratitude by means of this type of action. Stay tuned for more!

We continue to work towards our vision of becoming the benchmark for sports NFTs.

- LFG!

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