Album W3.0 Collectibles

3 min readJun 1, 2023


Dear community:

The latest album update is now available! We hope it will be worth the wait and, after the following steps, you will enjoy interacting with your album:

  • Connect your wallet to MySHI.
  • To access the album, simply click on the tab on the left. You will immediately see the collectibles you own placed in their corresponding positions.
  • On the right side of the album you can see the number of trophies you own.
  • By clicking on the President tab you will be able to see one of the collectibles corresponding to this category. As you know, these are the Galatasaray drops and, depending on the category you have, there will be a number of trophies that will be added to the ones you already have:
    - Iconic: 3 trophies.
    - Mythical: 4 trophies.
    - Legendary: 5 trophies.
    This section will be automatically completed by the Collectible with the highest amount of Trophies amongst the Galatasaray ones that you own.
  • Clicking on the Legend tab, you can see the collectibles corresponding to the Ronaldinho and Avant Premier drops. For this category we will have three places to fill, the collections cannot be repeated and each one of them will grant 3 trophies. That is to say, being the possessor of a Ronaldinho collectible and two of different partners of the Avant Premier, you will add 9 trophies to your collection.
  • You will shortly also have access to a last tab that will show you the trophy ranking. It will be very important to check it to make sure you are in the positions that give access to the rewards.

By clicking on any of your collectibles, you will have access to its evolution. As you well know, the evolution of the collectible consists of staking an amount of $SHI within the collectible itself and it will be necessary to own more trophies that allow to fulfill the collection challenges.

Assuming that you want to evolve one of Bronze category, the prices to take it up to Diamond will be as follows:
From Bronze to Silver: 50$ in $SHI
From Silver to Gold: 100$ in $SHI
From Gold to Diamond: 200$ in $SHI

*Remember that the network to evolve your collectibles is Polygon, so you will have to use the Bridge from BSC if you don’t have tokens on said network yet.

Can the $SHI staked in the collectible be removed at any time?

Yes, but the collectible will automatically return to its original category and, when you get your $SHI back, you will have to pay a 1% fee. The SHI subject to these fees will be burned.

What’s the use of the “submit” button?
This button will be necessary in order to access the rewards linked to our Shirtum W3.0 Collectibles. Once you have all your album positions filled (or as many as you can), and you have evolved your W3.0 Collectibles, you will reach a certain amount of Trophies. To access the potential rewards for your Trophies, you will need to “Submit” your album before the snapshot is made, so that we make sure we count all of your Trophies to that point and we respect your position in the Collecting ranking when distributing the rewards.

That’s all for now! We hope to have solved your doubts regarding the release of the album and that you continue to accompany us towards the completion of the Shirtum W3.0 Collectibles.

The Shirtum team.