Dear community:

In this opportunity I’ve decided to get in touch directly with you as a CEO of Shirtum, for giving you peace and sharing about our momentum as a project.

With all our effort and sacrifice, we’ve accomplished one of our main goals as a company, to list our own $SHI token. It has barely passed one week since we’ve been listed on the market, as you may know very well, it has been in a moment of high volatility for many weeks now, and obviously this affects Shirtum.

In spite of that, we are very happy with the job we are doing and I want to ratify the message told on another post ( Why is Shirtum different? ) this project is based on the work we are doing with all athletes and clubs, (we are having fun with them), on our native app, and over all this stuff, we really appreciate the support of the investors and holders of $SHI.

The agreement for integration with a company like Chainlink, is something that also generates big expectations and enthusiasm, thinking about the adoption that our community will have as long as we use their services, VRF randomization secure and transparent, that Chainlink will provide us and also the buyback automatization system.

Honestly it doesn’t scare me the $SHI fluctuation that is passing through in it’s price and this statement is not an action that I am doing in order to raise the price rapidly, I just want to tell you why I think you need to be peaceful, continue to support us and continue to join us.

There are many many projects that passed through similar situations and then made some big moves that their devs even did not expect. An emblematic example is Chiliz, this project suffered over an 82% dump of it’s listing value, and it had been there around 2 YEARS until the project started to raise and as you might know, it has overpassed 10,000%.

You can get more information about this detailed analysis here.

For all this, I want to be honest and humble with all the community and tell everyone to expect to multiply the value of their investment in a few days, they are in the wrong project.

I insist: Shirtum is a long term project that will be sharing value on the road. We trust that soon, launching our native app and the First NFTs will begin our race to build value and growth that all of you, those who trusted us since the beginning, are waiting for.

Thank you all!

David Rozencwaig, CEO.



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