Community Sale Update

2 min readJul 3, 2021

Hello Community.

This time, we are happy to announce you the latest news regarding our Community Sale that will take place next Monday, July 5 at 4pm UTC.

As you know, we had originally allocated 138M of tokens for the Community Sale in our White Paper. In recent weeks, we have closed numerous deals with players who have preferred to receive $SHI tokens instead of FIAT money. This situation allows us to cut the Hard Cap of the Community Sale by half since we do not need to dispense the amount of FIAT money that we had planned to close commercial agreements.

Shirtum is the only project that includes players within its tokenomics with a vesting period of between six months and two years, which will make them the first interested in helping to increase the value of the token.

For all these reasons, our team has decided to make some changes to the Tokenomics that we believe will be very beneficial for our community.

Instead of 138M, 70M tokens will go on sale. Of the remaining 68M tokens, we will save half for future player deals and the other half will be burned to benefit first and second round investors. The price and the minimum and maximum purchase values ​​per wallet remains. These will be the BNB equivalents at the time of the Snapshot of the following amounts:

• € 0.0360 the price,

• € 100 the minimum purchase,

• € 1000 the maximum purchase.

In case of selling all the tokens assigned to the Community Sale (we are very positive that this will happen), new potential numbers would be established for the MarketCap and the Total Supply: € 5M and less than 800M tokens respectively. These numbers, together with our Buybacks policy, are very attractive for long-term holders, which suggests a very good future for our currency.

In the coming days we will also be announcing the benefits within the app for long-term $SHI holders. We do all of this with the same objective as always, which is to benefit our first investors.

Join us. Join Shirtum!

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