Community Update — A Letter From The CEO Of Shirtum

4 min readJun 27, 2022


David Rozencwaig — CEO of Shirtum

I would like to share a message of optimism and provide clarity despite the arduous market conditions that currently surround us. As the market takes a dramatic turn, we remain on course to complete Shirtum’s Q2 Roadmap and continue to develop NFT collections of global top athletes & clubs, to bring sports fans and their idols closer than ever.

Our team, built up by world-class individuals, is committed to the project and its business vision, taking the Shirtum ecosystem to the next level with a focus on long-term progression.

From the very beginning and as said repeatedly, we have prioritized building a sustainable and solid project that will outlast passing trends and severe market conditions.

The market situation has forced us to take a series of decisions that although they have not been easy to make, we firmly believe are for the best. This does not mean that we are stopping in our tracks, but rather that there has been a change of plans regarding the launch of the upcoming NFT drops and the next steps to be taken.


At Shirtum we’re continuously working on the innovation of our NFT concept. We aim to offer crypto, NFT and sports fans around the world a wider scope of possibilities regarding our upcoming drops.

We started this journey by developing filmic NFTs that led us to evolve towards a ‘C2E’ concept, which allows holders to live unique money-can’t-buy experiences; with Ronaldinho, we explored a type of NFT different to what we had done before, based on the PFP avatar; we are currently exploring the field of ‘P2E’ for our next NFT Collection, as we aim to offer various types of NFT formats, depending on each of the collections we release.

Our next drops will prove this vision, with every step being focused on making the whole experience of connecting with your sports idols to only get better.

Maravilla Collection:

As I mentioned at the beginning, given the current market situation we were obliged to take a change of course regarding our upcoming drops, which affects the release date of Shirtum’s first boxing collection: “Maravilla Collection”.

The new drop date is subject to how the market continues to move forward in the coming weeks.

We want to take advantage of this moment of adjustment to continue to grow: the team is in the process of opening up to new markets from the boxing world that have set their sights on Shirtum. This translates into reaching new communities that will be interested in acquiring an NFT from the first collection we launch on this sport.

In this sense, our goal is to collaborate with large companies that are linked to this sport and put the focus on providing these new communities with the necessary know-how on NFTs and cryptocurrencies, so that the lack of understanding does not become a barrier of entry for new users in any of Shirtum’s collections.

Why do we think it’s paramount to ‘educate’ this target segment?

A week ago our Marketing team activated a series of surveys through Maravilla’s social media to understand to what extent his community is familiar with the cryptocurrencies and NFTs space. Seeing the results, we came to a conclusion: Maravilla’s community is interested in buying NFTs but doesn’t know how to do it. That’s where we are going to focus in the coming weeks, to educate not just within his community, but with every new community we reach and the rest of our partner’s communities.

M12 Collection:

Former Real Madrid captain said goodbye to the club with an emotional farewell; now it is time for all the fans around the world to collect his legacy through our upcoming collection of NFTs.

Marcelo’s collection is really going to be something special. We have traveled to Madrid to record exclusive content with the Brazilian star, and have already begun to develop the NFTs of his collection. You’ll know more details about the drop in the coming weeks.


Airdrop season continues. While our next drop has had to be postponed, we won’t stop airdropping NFT collections to reward our earliest holders.

Javier Saviola kicked off the airdrop season for the Avant Premiere NFT holders, and currently our Art and Product team are developing the airdrop collections of the 7 remaining founding players as well as Galatasaray.

I will end on a personal note — I would like to warmly thank the Shirtum Community for the patience, commitment and unconditional support that they have shown during these difficult times. I have no doubt that the storm will pass. The best is yet to come, frens!

See you soon,

David Rozencwaig

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