Everything about the Avant-Premiere

AP - 2021
  • Is the Avant-Premier a Beta?
  • Will it only be on a WebApp? Or do you have to download the App?
  • How will the purchase of NFTs work? Do I have to take my $SHI out of the staking?
  • Will we be able to purchase NFTs in the Secondary Market with $SHI or only FIAT?
  • Is it necessary to have your tokens staked to access all the benefits for the purchase of NFTs?
  • For the purchase with FIAT, do you pay the NFTs with the exact amount or do you recharge the amount from your account? And with $SHI?
  • So, you don’t pay directly from your wallet, but it will detect to what TIER you are assigned?
  • What price range will the NFTs be in?
  • Everyone who participates will be rewarded with a welcome NFT?
  • If I have $SHI in the staking Diamond Pool for example, and decide to buy NFTs with FIAT, do I still receive the staking benefits?
  • Will the discount appear directly before the purchase for every user, or do you have to enter some kind of “discount code”?
  • Do you have to create another wallet or will the WebApp detect the tokens you already have in MetaMask?
  • In the case you purchase an NFT, can you send it as a gift to another user without selling it?
  • If one of the lucky 500 doesn’t access the AP today, will his credentials still be valid por another day?
  • How many NFTs that will go on sale of each specific player
  • What is the limit of NFTs one single user can purchase? Because the first one to enter could easily purchase the 100 units…
  • You said that for every sale of an NFT, Shirtum will buy $SHI. Does this week count for this?
  • Will there be a secondary Marketplace in the AP?
  • Can the NFTs be put in the secondary market from today?
  • Those who have been lucky to enter today, will they be able to access the rest of the week? Or is it a different group every day?
  • Are the NFTs available during 24h, until 00 UTC or until there is a sold out?
  • Does everyone have access to the AP at the same time? Or do the Staking people have priority Access?
  • How will it be visually? Will those who are not Diamond have a blocked purchase button? A disabled button? Or they won’t be able to Access the shop?

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