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Avant Premiere — Q&A

  • Is the Avant-Premier a Beta?

No, it is the closest to the final App version but with limited access and limited NFTs. The Mobile App version will come very soon.

  • Will it only be on a WebApp? Or do you have to download the App?

It will be a Web App version in the meantime. The focus of the Web App is to test the user’s experience. You can access it either from your computer or your phone.

  • How will the purchase of NFTs work? Do I have to take my $SHI out of the staking?

You will be able to buy NFTs with $SHI (our token) or FIAT (credit/debit card).

You don’t have to take out your tokens from the staking. If you don’t want to lose the benefits of the staking tier, you would need to acquire extra $SHI in your wallet or in the Shirtum platform. If you remove them from staking, you lose the benefits.

  • Will we be able to purchase NFTs in the Secondary Market with $SHI or only FIAT?

In the Secondary Market you will only be able to purchase NFTs with FIAT money, not $SHI.

  • Is it necessary to have your tokens staked to access all the benefits for the purchase of NFTs?

Yes, it is necessary to have your tokens in staking, it is not worth having them in the wallet alone. When you identify yourself with your MetaMask, the APP will detect which TIER you belong to, in order to qualify for the advantages offered in each of the tiers.

  • For the purchase with FIAT, do you pay the NFTs with the exact amount or do you recharge the amount from your account? And with $SHI?

For FIAT purchases, your card will be charged the exact amount of the transaction from a card and that is how you will pay for NFTs. And for the purchase with $SHI you will have to recharge your tokens in your wallet inside the App itself.

  • So, you don’t pay directly from your wallet, but it will detect to what TIER you are assigned?

Indeed, it will.

  • What price range will the NFTs be in?

The first Legendary NFTs will circulate at an unrepeatable price of 300€.

  • Everyone who participates will be rewarded with a welcome NFT?

Yes, everyone who participates will receive a free NFT, specifically an NFT of an iconic moment in the World Cup history.

  • If I have $SHI in the staking Diamond Pool for example, and decide to buy NFTs with FIAT, do I still receive the staking benefits?

Yes, because the benefits are assigned to your wallet and the system detects your profile. The way you decide to add funds to your account in the App is independent, either with $SHI or FIAT.

  • Will the discount appear directly before the purchase for every user, or do you have to enter some kind of “discount code”?

Every user will see the price discount reflected before the purchase of the NFT with the corresponding TIER. Example: Jose has 500k staked $SHI and belongs to the Diamond Pool and Mario has 130k staked $SHI in the Gold Pool. If an NFT has a price of 100€, Jose would have the price discounted to 88€ while Mario would have 92€. (Diamond TIER discount is of 12% and Gold TIER is of 8%). These discounts won’t be explained in the App as of now.

  • Do you have to create another wallet or will the WebApp detect the tokens you already have in MetaMask?

Two options: When you enter the WebApp Shirtum will offer the possibility to open an extra wallet inside Shirtum or connect your Metamask, where your funds will be detected.

  • In the case you purchase an NFT, can you send it as a gift to another user without selling it?

Not for now, but it is a feature we will include later on.

  • If one of the lucky 500 doesn’t access the AP today, will his credentials still be valid por another day?

There is no problem, but the risk is that there might not be NFTs left to purchase of the specific player on that day.

  • How many NFTs that will go on sale of each specific player

Initially there will be 100 units for every player.

  • What is the limit of NFTs one single user can purchase? Because the first one to enter could easily purchase the 100 units…

During the early access that the holders have, they will only be able to purchase 1 NFT. When that time is done, the total limit per wallet is 3 NFTs.

  • You said that for every sale of an NFT, Shirtum will buy $SHI. Does this week count for this?

Yes, the buybacks count from today, with the AP launch.

  • Will there be a secondary Marketplace in the AP?


  • Can the NFTs be put in the secondary market from today?

Yes, as soon as you purchase an NFT, you can automatically list it on the secondary market.

  • Those who have been lucky to enter today, will they be able to access the rest of the week? Or is it a different group every day?

You are already in! The rest will come proportionally.

  • Are the NFTs available during 24h, until 00 UTC or until there is a sold out?

They will be available until there is a Sold Out. But remember there is still a secondary Marketplace in which you should pay attention, as you can purchase them too, one that you could have missed out in the release.

  • Does everyone have access to the AP at the same time? Or do the Staking people have priority Access?

Everyone will be able to Access the app at the same time. But the stakers have priority when it comes to purchases.

  • How will it be visually? Will those who are not Diamond have a blocked purchase button? A disabled button? Or they won’t be able to Access the shop?

The Diamond Tier member will have a shorter countdown inside the WebApp. You will be able to see the pre-sale but not access it.

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