Finalization of the Album and SWAP of the $SHI in Polygon

2 min readJun 5, 2024

Dear Community,

As we have been announcing, we are very close to launching our new platform on which we have been working for the past year.

Before that, we want to resolve all pending matters, starting today with two of them: the album and our $SHI holders on the Polygon network.

The album

Although initially the idea of the new management was to complete it, we have decided to prioritize the development of the new vision. Therefore, what we will do is deliver the prizes to those who, as of today (June 5, 2024), have reached the proposed goals for May 16 and June 30, 2023, respectively. That is, those who have managed to reach 19 trophies will receive 100,000 $SHI, to which another 300,000 $SHI will be added if they managed to reach 25 trophies.

As of the date of the last drop (there were five in total), the maximum possible number of trophies to achieve was 29: five in the president category, nine in the legend category, and up to fifteen for the drops made by Diego Perotti, Nico Pareja, Mariano Izco, Tiane Endler, and Pablo Beguer.

To summarize: those who currently have between 19 and 24 trophies will receive 100,000 $SHI, and those who have 25 or more will receive 400,000 $SHI each. With this, we conclude the album and focus on the new things that, as mentioned, are very close to being revealed.

$SHI Holders on the Polygon Network

As you know, at this moment our $SHI holders on the Polygon network are trapped since our token lacks liquidity on that network. Therefore, we have decided to perform a swap for those in this situation to the Binance Smart Chain network where there is liquidity.

How will it work?

All users will have 90 days from Monday, June 10, to send their tokens to our wallet. Once sent, within a maximum of 72 hours, we will return the same amount of tokens to the same wallet, but on the BSC network.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to use a wallet where the address for the Polygon network matches the address for the BSC network. Otherwise, the tokens will be lost. We recommend using Metamask.

The SWAP wallet address will be: 0xE64CA754a3343dee70D55770b3c885B9dEA72B5B and you will have time until September 1, 2024, inclusive, to make the change.

It is important to clarify that all tokens received via the Polygon network will be gradually burned.

We hope with this to be able to resolve both situations and, of course, we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing details of the new plan which includes, among other things, an attractive utility allocation for $SHI.

Stay tuned.

The Shirtum Team