How To Buy $SHI On Pancakeswap

SHI PANCAKESWAP GUIDE(This step-by-step guide assumes that you have already downloaded Binance, created an account and purchased BNB. Please, if this is not the case, we suggest you review this Binance tutorial before
proceeding with the guide)
  1. Set up the Binance Smart chain network in your Metamask wallet.

- Download and install METAMASK plugin for Chrome from HERE ( It can also be downloaded for iOS and Android phones, but we recommend using the desktop version)

  • Check that the Metamask symbol (1) appears in the Plugins bar, if not, click on Settings (3 dots icon) and “Extensions” to activate (2) the Metamask plugin (if “Extensions” does not appear in the main menu, go to “More tools” first and then you will be able to access the “Extensions” panel)

- Open your METAMASK Wallet clicking on the icon, then create a new wallet, or import an existing one.

  • Click on the upper right corner and then click on “Settings”
  • Click on “Networks” and then “Add Network”
- Complete the form with the following info:

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
New RPC URL: Chain ID: 56
Currency Simbol (optional): BNB
Block Explorer URL (optional):

Click on “Save” — Done! ✅

2.Send BNB tokens to your Metamask wallet

  • Login to your Binance account.
    — Open your spot wallet,select BNB and click on Withdraw.
    — Select BNB.
    — Copy your Metamask address and paste it into the ‘Address’ field — Select the BEP20 (BSC) Binance Smart Chain in ‘Network’
    — Set the amount of BNB you want to send to your Metamask Wallet.
    — Click on ‘Withdraw’
    — Wait for the transaction to finish.
    — Done! ✅

3.Swapping BNB for SHI at Pancakeswap
— Open your Dapp browser and go to

- Select BNB in the upper box.(1)
— Click “select currency” in the lower box ,copy and paste the SHI contract in

the “search name or paste address“ field :(2) 0x7269d98af4aa705e0b1a5d8512fadb4d45817d5a

Click “Import”, then confirm the pop-up and click “Import” again:

Open the settings pannel (3) and adjust the slippage (4) ( Enter a value between 0.1–1%, only increase the value in cases of aggressive price fluctuations) and close the panel.

Enter the total amount of BNB you want to exchange for SHI in the upper box. (Remember to leave a minimum amount of BNB to pay for the fees)

Click the “Swap” button. review the info and click “Confirm swap”

- Finally, confirm the transaction and the gas fee in the Metamask pop-up window, wait for the transaction to finish.... And that's it, welcome to SHIRTUM!   :)

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