2 min readAug 4, 2023


Dear community:

During our last AMA, we have informed about the possible arrival of new investors to the project. In this last week, an experienced and well-established group of investors has made its landing official and will take control of the project from now on.

This new group arrives with fresh energy, a renewed vision of Web3, and the ambition to develop the full potential of Shirtum to take it to the place that all of us are waiting for.

The arrival of this new group implies some changes that, we are convinced, will be very beneficial for the project's continuity, development, and success. The main changes will gradually be reflected in the board of directors, in the token policy, and, essentially, in a completely innovative and disruptive vision of Web3 in the world of sports.

Over the next few weeks, we'll give you more precise updates on changes in our community. It is important to clarify that the album will continue until its completion, although with some small adjustments in the calendar in order to make the experience more enjoyable for our community.

We take the opportunity to also inform you about a topic that has arisen in the last week and that, we know, causes concern in our community: the removal of Ronaldinho's collection in OpenSea.

The situation is already in the hands of our Legal Department, which has begun the process of re-establishing the collection that OpenSea requires for these cases (Ticket #994458). Regardless of this, other actions are being evaluated against whom started this action in an unfair and arbitrary manner. In any way will we allow malicious, unfounded, and opportunistic attacks that damage the reputation and honor of the project, our community, and all of us who work at Shirtum.

We hope you will continue to accompany us in this new process. Very exciting news is coming that we are sure you will love.

Stay tuned!

The Shirtum team