Important information about the ‘’ Dinho’s ’’

2 min readJun 14, 2024

Dear community:

As you know, the “The Ronaldinhos” collection was removed almost a year ago from OpenSea due to an unjustified and malicious complaint for intellectual property rights carried out by one of the artists who collaborated with the collection.

We could spend hours listing the number of attacks we have received in this time (legal, media, and personal threats, among a host of other things), but instead, let’s stop at what really matters. Justice has ruled in our favor, both in criminal proceedings, rejecting the complaint and sending it to file, and in civil proceedings, rejecting the request for precautionary measures by the plaintiff and his lawyer for not being able to prove the alleged exclusive authorship of the work. Something impossible to prove since both the plaintiff and his lawyer knew perfectly well that the work was not his own spontaneous creation but rather the result of a project whose promoter was always Shirtum, which demonstrates his absolute bad faith.

This is excellent news, which we could not fail to share with you, to give you peace of mind regarding your investment in Ronnie’s NFTs, a very important collection for us and on which we will continue working to value it as it deserves and as you also deserve.

We still have to hope that having submitted the corresponding documentation, OpenSea will do its part and restore the collection as soon as possible. They no longer have any reason not to do so.

For your information, we share the judicial resolutions and take this opportunity to thank you for always being there and wish you an excellent weekend.

The Shirtum team