Introducing our director Miguel Faus

Dear Community,

On this occasion, we would like to introduce you to our beloved director Miguel Faus. Miguel directs our NFT content and the interviews with our players. He plays such a pivotal role in our project, so we feel it is important for our community to get to know him.

Miguel was born in Barcelona in 1992. He currently lives in the vibrant and multi-ethnic city of London. He graduated with distinction from a MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School. Here, he wrote and directed short films, including “The Death of Don Quixote” (Silver Melies winner at the 51st Sitges International Film Festival) and “Calladita”, which premiered at Palm Springs Shortfest and Malaga Film Festival.

Miguel is very active in the scene and writes about different cinema-related topics for Jot Down Magazine and Miradas de Cine. In 2021, Variety featured Miguel as one of the top 10 Cineastes on the Rise from Spain.

He is also developing his first feature film, which will be shot next year. It’s an adaptation of his short “Calladita” and it has received the support of development programs DAMA Ayuda in Spain, and the Short to Feature Lab from the US.

However, writing and directing are not Miguel’s only passions. He shares a common passion with all the team members at Shirtum. What are we talking about? Well, NFTs of course! We asked Miguel about his experience with NFTs and he told us he discovered them in February 2021, in what is now known as the Clubhouse era:

“I stumbled upon them by accident and for some reason I got hooked on hanging out in a Clubhouse to listen to the OGs of the NFT space and the new artists coming into it. It felt like a revolution was underway and I could be a part of it, and as an artist I was very hopeful about the decentralization aspect of this revolution because it was long overdue. Finally a technology that allows creators to properly profit from their creations, directly on the internet, without most of the profits and power going to intermediaries, gatekeepers and corporations.”

But how did Miguel go from just a curious listener to an active NFT collector?

“After spending a few weeks listening to Clubhouse for hours on end, reading everything I could find and absorbing all the wisdom from the OGs, I started collecting my first NFTs. It was always about the community and the art for me, so I have focused on community driven PFP projects such as Punks, Bored Apes, Cool Cats… as well as Generative Art from Art Blocks, which I am very passionate about.”

When Miguel first met the founders of Shirtum, he was instantly hooked to the idea of combining his two passions into one, cinema and NFTs.

“What a fantastic opportunity! Shirtum gives players a place where they can share their stories directly with their fans, on their own terms. I am very happy to help bring the players’ stories to life in the films we make and I think more players are going to realize the power of this idea. Not only the power of NFTs per se, but the power of digital ownership and of a direct and personal engagement with their fans. The Shirtum revolution is only going to grow from here.”

Head over to Miguel Faus (@MiguelFaus)’s Twitter page to check out all the latest NFT news and opinions on the rapidly evolving space. You’ll quickly realize what an obsessed NFT degen we are working with.

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Global marketplace of football NFT’s. Collect and trade limited editions tokens of iconic moments. #RediscoverFootball

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Global marketplace of football NFT’s. Collect and trade limited editions tokens of iconic moments. #RediscoverFootball

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