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2 min readMay 31, 2022

A few weeks ago we deployed our staking plan on Ethereum with an important new feature: MySHI, a dashboard in the Shirtum ecosystem where holders can view their position in the ranking according to their SHI balance in staking.

This ranking will be the benchmark to allocate priority access to our drops for our holders (GL & WL) and will serve multiple other purposes, as explained hereafter.

At the current time, MySHI already allows you to consult your ranking in real time based on the total SHI in staking + SHI rewards paid upfront. However, the Shirtum team is still developing the Beta version of MySHI.

We are building an extended dashboard with several functionalities such as claiming your GL/WL spot to access drops, receiving notifications regarding our drops & announcements, alerts of your ranking position, snapshot countdowns and much more.

This will be the hub where our holders connect to learn, interact and participate in all the latest activities of the Shirtum ecosystem.

Each NFT collection released by Shirtum will count with a specific supply and price that will determine the total number of spots available in the aforementioned priority lists (GL & WL).

For instance, if a given collection has a total supply of 1000 NFTs, suppose that the first 250 holders in the ranking will be eligible for a Greenlist spot (to be claimed) and the next 650 holders would be eligible for a Whitelist spot (to be claimed). The remaining 100 spots would be reserved for the team, grinders and for partnerships.

As mentioned in previous announcements, GL & WL spots will receive early access and discounts during the NFT minting event.

Moreover, we will integrate a new mechanism called Rafflenomics, which links your ranking spot to the utilities of the NFTs: the higher your ranking, the more chances you will have to win the drawn prizes & utilities.

Therefore, the amount of SHI staked will determine your ranking and the NFTs will act as a booster/multiplier during future raffles and giveaways. This mechanism will be explained in depth in our next Medium.

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