Introducing Rafflenomics

3 min readJun 10, 2022


As we keep implementing and developing Shirtum’s vision, we focus our utmost effort on building mechanisms that reward HODLers who believe and actively participate in our ecosystem.

Through exclusive experiences, sports content and a fanatical community, Shirtum has a long-term mission to bring millions of (currently) fiat native sports fans into the web3 economy — with the immediate objective of reaching existing crypto HODLers, NFT collectors and digital art speculators.

Staking and collecting NFTs is the ultimate sign of commitment towards this mission and an understanding of the implications of building such a disruptive project. So these HODLers deserve the lion’s share of rewards — and we have devised the mechanism that will fairly distribute rewards and NFT utilities to them. Let’s dive deeper!

SHI token and NFT utilities

The key utility of the SHI token is to provide priority access and a series of benefits before, during and after the NFT drops.

Shirtum NFTs provide access to a range of prizes: signed merchandise, meet & greets, IRL events and digital experiences.

So how do the SHI token and Shirtum NFTs complement each other?

The answer is through Rafflenomics.

What is Rafflenomics?

It is the mechanism which funnels value to participants who stake SHI and/or HODL NFTs.

How does it work?

Rafflenomics will be adopted for two cases:

  1. NFT utilities: rafflenomics will be implemented to raffle NFT utilities between NFT HODLers. In this case, each corresponding NFT (i.e. Maravilla NFT for a Maravilla utility raffle) in your wallet is equivalent to 1 ticket. If you are ranked in a certain position in mySHI, you will also receive a multiplier.

2. Example: “Maravilla” Martínez utility raffle

I HODL 5 Maravilla NFTs = 5 tickets

I am top 10 ranked = eligible for a 3x multiplier

My total tickets: 5 tickets x3 = 15 tickets

  1. Community giveaways: we will also launch recurring giveaways through the rafflenomics mechanism. The prizes can range from free NFTs, merchandise, mystery boxes or exclusive experiences. In this case, those who are ranked accordingly in mySHI (minimum SHI required) will be able to participate in the giveaway.

2. Example: IRL event tickets

I am top 10 in mySHI

Top 1–10 = 10 tickets

Top 11–30 = 7 tickets

And so on…

My total tickets = 10 tickets

**These are examples for demonstration purposes. The criteria of the raffles is subject to change and can vary according to the type of utility or giveaway that is being raffled. The criteria will be announced to give enough time to HODLers to prepare accordingly. A snapshot will take place to establish who meets the criteria and how many tickets each eligible participant will receive.**

Stay ready

In the following days, we are inaugurating the Rafflenomics mechanism with a special event.

Stay tuned and check our Twitter pages for more news.

If you have not checked your ranking yet, you can do so here: → mySHI v2 will be released soon!

We want to remind the community that the Shirtum train does not slow down in bear markets, we keep building for our community, strengthening the foundations and pursuing the long-term vision.

We want to thank everyone who is onboard during this bumpy stage of the journey. WAGMI!

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