Save the dates: Shirtum Community Sale & Token Listing on Pancake Swap

Dear Community:

First of all, the entire Shirtum team wants to express infinite gratitude for the patience that all of you had for the delay in the launch dates of the Community Sale and above all, that you have received the news so well, understanding that the reasons were pure and exclusively take care of the interests of all our investors.

During this period, we have taken the opportunity to close important agreements with top players, companies and investment funds that we will be announcing next week.

Taking into account all the aforementioned, and that added to this, we perceive a better stability in the cryptocurrency market, we want to announce to the community that we have established the definitive dates:

Community Sale

It will take place on Monday, July 5 at 4pm UTC. The minimum purchase will be the equivalent of € 100 in BNB and the maximum € 1000. The tokens will be available to investors 30 minutes after launch.

Listing on Pancake Swap

It will take place on Thursday, July 8 at 4pm UTC. In this case, the tokens will be available at the moment of purchase.

We also want to inform you that approximately 50M of tokens remaining from the private sale will be burned today. Once the transaction is executed, we will be sharing it with you through our channels.

The Shirtum team also wants to take this opportunity to wish our players the best of luck, as they continue to creating iconic moments in both the Eurocup and the America’s Cup and that very, very soon they will be able to share with all of you at Shirtum.

Stay tuned! Good news coming!

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