$SHI Pancake Swap Listing

2 min readJul 8, 2021


After several very intense weeks in which we have gone through different pre-sale rounds, we have reached the end of the Community Sale, having sold 5,388,607$SHI (771.45BNB). The long-awaited listing of our token is finally here.

As we have explained in our Whitepaper and in previous posts, following what we have done after the first and second rounds, we will proceed to burn 50% of the unsold Community Sale tokens, together with 50% of the 68M tokens that we took out from the community sale in the first place. As a result, we will be burning a total of 66,305,697 tokens (50% of 68,000,000 plus 50% of 64,611,393 unsold tokens).

This is the Tx Hash: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xfc20bb9d8a48b27fe040d62d76c8512222a43c9bb6e074fc064dd405ba798528

Relevant info for our listing:

- 4pm UTC on Pancake Swap.

- Token address: 0x7269d98Af4aA705e0B1A5D8512FadB4d45817d5a

- Circulating Supply (30 min after listing): 47,510,128 tokens

- Initial Market Cap (at 0.0432€ per token): 2,052,000 €

It is important to mention that our development team has made sure to implement a Bot Prevention during the listing to avoid manipulation of the $ SHI value.

Finally, we want to announce that we will soon launch a Golden Series of three NFTs from our founding player and partner, Papu Gómez: only 500 units in total (300 Iconic, 150 Mythical and 50 Legendary). Only those wallets that hold at least 50% of the tokens released today will be elegible to receive one of these NFTs as an airdrop, completely for free. The winners will be randomly chosen by an integration of technology provided by a top 15 company in crypto space (more on this soon). Over the next few days, we will be giving you more details about these NFTs, the content that they will include and the benefits of having them once we launch our App.

Many surprises await for all of those who have decided to join us in our adventure to Rediscover Football. We’re very glad to have you onboard, buckle up!




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