Shirtum FAQ

Here you will find all the necessary questions to be able to buy Shirtum tokens in the Private Sale or Community Sale. In case you can’t find your question here, you can join one of our Telegram channels and our team will help you with whatever you need. At the end of this post you will find all the communication channels with Shirtum.

How much does a $SHI cost?

  • Presale First Round: 0,0275€
  • Presale Second Round: 0,0300€
  • Community Sale: 0,0360€
  • Listing Price: 0,0432€

How many $SHI can I buy?

  • Presale: Minimum 500€, Maximum 50.000€.
  • Community Sale: Minimum 100€, Maximum 1.000€

When can I buy $SHI?

  • The Community Sale (ICO) will be on June 25th at 16 UTC.
  • Until then the private sale will take place, which will be in two rounds. Each one will end 7 days after starting or when all tokens have been sold at the corresponding price. First Round begins on June 7th and Second Round starts on June 18th.

What does UTC mean?

  • It is the acronym for Coordinated Universal Time and is used universally as a guideline. You can Google ’16 UTC ‘ to find out what time it corresponds to in your country.

How long will the Community Sale last?

  • It begins on June 25th and will last for seven days or as long as the € 5,000,000 Hard Cap is collected.

How can I buy tokens?

What payment method can I use?

  • Binance Coin (BNB)

Can I buy SHI on Binance?

  • Not at the moment, the launch will be in Pancake Swap, but we will inform through our channels when $SHI is listed in other exchanges.

When will I receive the $SHI tokens that I have purchased?

  • It depends on the round in which you acquire the tokens and the vesting corresponding to each one. If you buy in the first round, you will receive 20% of the total 30 minutes after the TGE. Then, you will receive 20% at the end of each month for the next four months.
  • If you get your tokens in the second round, you will receive 20% of the total 30 minutes after the TGE. Then, you will receive 16% at the end of each month for the next five months.
  • If you acquire your tokens in the Community Sale, you will receive 100% of the tokens 30 minutes after the end of the TGE.

When will Shirtum tokens be listed on Pancake Swap?

  • June 28th.

If I already bought in the presale but want to buy more, should I buy the minimum of 1.5 BNB again?

  • Yes. The minimum of 1.5 BNB is for each transaction, but the maximum is per wallet.

What will be the utility of the token?

  • It will be used mainly within the Shirtum app to acquire NFT’s, staking and other benefits that we will inform in due course.

Is it necessary to add a contract in Metamask to see the tokens?

  • Yes. The token address is 0x7269d98Af4aA705e0B1A5D8512FadB4d45817d5a, but you will not see the balance in your wallet until the tokens are distributed at the end of the sale.

What network should I use to send funds from Binance to my Trust Wallet?

  • BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain).

How can I use my Metamask on another computer?

  • Entering the seed key

What is a seed key?

  • It is the key that they gave you the day you opened your Metamask wallet or similar.

How much of the liquidity pool is locked?

  • 3,4% of Total Supply as Whitepaper says.

When will the app be released?

  • Shirtum already has iOS and Android licenses. We are finalizing some details. Soon there will be news.

How long do I have to enter the raffle?

  • Until the end of the month

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