3 min readJul 28, 2021

Shirtum Field Staking Plan

We are proud to announce the launch of our “Shirtum Field” Staking Program on August 27th!

We will publish a second article in the coming weeks containing all the details and the tutorial to stake your $SHI tokens.

Launch of our staking program

In order to provide more utility to the $SHI token, we are extremely excited to announce the launch of our Shirtum Field staking program. Staking is important because it secures the network, offers further opportunities to investors and takes the staked coins out of circulation. As mentioned before, the launch date will be August 27th! Be the first one on the Field and help us develop our ecosystem! We take your contribution very seriously, so we want to truly reward those who believe in us early on.

Program details

  • A maximum of 100 million SHI tokens will be allocated to the Shirtum Field Staking Program;
  • Staking will allow $SHI holders to lock their $SHI tokens in a smart contract and earn yield in $SHI tokens;
  • We are going to open 3 staking pools: 20 million $SHI tokens cap for the first staking pool and 40 million $SHI tokens cap for the second and third staking pools;
  • We will begin opening the first pool and monitoring our community’s interest, which will allow us to decide whether to open the second and third pools subsequently.

The staking APY is 8% for the first pool, and depending on the amount of $SHI tokens you hold, you will be eligible to enter into one of four tier levels, which will provide numerous exclusive benefits. The more $SHI tokens you stake, the higher the number of benefits you will be eligible for once our app is launched. Below, you will find a table detailing the tier levels and if you scroll down you will see the table providing all the juicy benefits you will receive by staking your $SHI tokens.

We have divided the tier levels in the following way:

The process is straightforward: you stake your $SHI tokens in a contract, and you collect them with the yield accrued once you are ready to unstake. We do not impose a mandatory lock period when you stake your $SHI tokens, so you can feel free to stake and unstake whenever you wish.

Please keep in mind that we will be respecting these thresholds for all $SHI holders participating in the first pool of 20 million $SHI tokens, but depending on market conditions and our project developments, we reserve the right to increase the minimum amount of $SHI tokens to be staked to enter the respective tiers for the following pools.

Staking benefits

If you know Shirtum, you already know that we value our community immensely! So we decided to step our game up and provide truly attractive benefits. We have allocated the following benefits for the different tiers to use on our platform:

By staking 30,000 or more $SHI tokens, you will be eligible to have early access to our hot NFT releases. For example, once our next NFTs are released, members of the Gold tier will be able to access the NFT sale 2 minutes before the Bronze tier and the public sale. Furthermore, Gold tier members will be guaranteed a 12% allocation of the full NFT release. There will be, however, purchase limitations for each individual user within these tiers, in order to give everyone a fair chance to get their hands on our NFTs.

NFT allocations which are not sold in the Silver, Gold & Diamond tiers, will be offered in the Bronze and public sale rounds.

So join us on the 27th August to become a premium member of the $SHI community!

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