Shirtum Partners With Blockchain Business Laboratory Moonlorian.

Moonlorian partners with Shirtum

Dear community,

We are excited to announce that we have started working with Moonlorian, an over-15-years of experience blockchain company laboratory offering business consultancy, smart contracts development, application integration, and crypto advisory services for big companies, institutions and innovators that want to deploy their ideas at an internet-scale.

Moonlorian works throughout the entire life cycle of a project, from the origin of the idea to its adoption. They are experts in building large projects: business plan development, tokenomics, SW lifecycle, marketing plan and end user adoption, thereby offering total confidence to transform businesses, processes and communities into this new era of innovation economy.

This is why Moonlorian is the trusted service partner for a number of major international brands, such as La Salle, The Palm Tree Network, or the internet-scale blockchain reference Elrond, just to name a few.

Moonlorian is entirely committed to the before-mentioned Elrond ecosystem (since 2019), helping them reach their 2bn valuation.

They are also actively working with businesses, institutions, and innovators to help their projects progress from the ideation stage until they are live on the Elrond mainnet. Projects passing through Moonlorian’s rigorous filters will receive support from Elrond for technical matters, communication, awareness, and connections with investors and members of the Elrond ecosystem that can help their mission.

Our partnership with Moonlorian will mainly focus on upgrading our tokenomics, developing a powerful crypto-marketing strategy and landing Shirtum in other blockchain networks.

This opens exciting opportunities for us as an NFT company and will bring SHI a new spotlight which will soon be explained to our community in detail.

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