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Dear community,

As we have been doing in the recent weeks, we continue with another post on what will be the Shirtum Strategy for 2023. On this occasion, we will be informing you about the details of one of our favorite proposals for this year: our innovative W3.0 Collectibles. As we promised you in our previous medium (, we will start by explaining the drop system.

As you will remember, we have divided our ranking of staking holders into five levels (Tiers): Tier 1 (made up of the first 10% that heads the list), Tier 2 (10 to 25%), Tier 3 (25 to 50%), Tier 4 (50 to 90%) and finally Tier 5 (the 10% that closes the ranking). In addition, there will be five different categories of drops that will be the following (from the most valuable to the least valuable): Special, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Depending on the category of the drop, a proportional number of units will be minted according to the number of users staking at that moment. The percentages of units over stakers are as follows : 90% for Bronze, 45% for Silver, 22% for Gold, 9% for Diamond, and 5% for Specials. In addition, depending on the category of the drop, a percentage of the minted units will be assigned to each Tier. Next, the table that graphs the way in which the collectibles will be distributed according to the category of the drop and the tier to which the user belongs:

Example: If at any given time there were 111 staking wallets, the Bronze Drop would consist of 100 units, which will be distributed as follows: 21 units for Tier 1, 21 for Tier 2, 26 for Tier 3, and 32 for Tier 4.

The objective of the established distribution criteria is that in the higher category drops the groups that are higher in the ranking receive more units. In our Bronze Drops, which are the lowest category, a higher percentage of units will be distributed to our Tier 4 holders. On the other hand, as the drops go up in category, the percentages swing and those who will receive a greater proportion of collectibles will be Tiers that are at the top of the list, that is, those who have the highest amount of $SHI in staking. It is very important to clarify that Tier 5 will not receive collectibles in any case and that, for drops of any category, the probability per user of receiving collectibles will be higher the higher the Tier they belong to. The latter is obviously accentuated exponentially the higher the category of the drop.

Following the previous example of the hypothetical Bronze Drop, although Tier 1 receives 21 units for the 32 that Tier 4 would receive, it should be noted that the 21 units of Tier 1 would be distributed among only the 10 wallets that would make it up, while the 32 units destined for Tier 4 would be distributed among 40 wallets.

The collectibles

As we mentioned previously, there will be five different categories of collectibles and each of them will have a different value, measured in "Collecting Trophies". The Bronze Drops will be worth one trophy, the Silver two, Gold three, Diamond four, and Special five. What is the purpose of the trophies? Complete our album and get the rewards, but don't get impatient, we'll explain that later in the article.

The interesting thing about our new collectibles is how innovative they are technologically. Our IT team has carried out a development that allows our collectibles to evolve and upgrade them.

How will this work?

For example, if I get a Bronze collectible, I can upgrade it to a higher category simply by adding a preset amount of $SHI depending on which category I want to evolve to. Once the $SHI has been entered into the collectible, it is transformed into the corresponding category, both from an aesthetic point of view and from the content of the metadata - and, consequently, the trophies.

The album

Surely you are wondering what the usefulness and purpose of the collectibles will be. Well, each Shirtum user who has minted their W3.0 Pass (see will have at their disposal an album with eleven mandatory positions and four optional ones to complete with the Shirtum W3.0 Collectibles.

During the remainder of the year, eleven drops will be carried out, distributed among the five categories, and based on our Shirtum Stars. The drops will be organized as follows:

• Four Bronze that will be held on March 23, May 16, August 16, and September 28.
• Three Silver that will take place on June 15, September 14, and October 31.
• Two Gold, on April 18 and November 15.
• A Diamond on July 18.
• A Special on October 16.

In addition to the eleven mandatory positions to get the rewards, the collection can be complemented (to receive even better benefits) with the four optional positions. One belongs to the President category and three to the Legend category. In the first case, the Galatasaray collectibles from the Ali Sami Yen Collection may be used. Depending on the category of the minted collectible, a different number of trophies will be counted: five for the legendary ones, four for the mythical ones, and three for the iconic ones.

On the other hand, the collectibles that can be used to complete the three Legend positions are those corresponding to Ronaldinho's drop and those minted in our Avant Premiere, that is, those corresponding to the collections of Javier Saviola, Papu Gómez, Ivan Rakitic, Lucas Ocampos, Nicolás Pareja, Diego Perotti, Marcelo Guedes and Alberto Moreno. In these cases, each of them will have the value of three trophies and no more than one of the same collections can be repeated.

Regardless of the deadline to complete the album, which will be December 15, we have raised some intermediate challenges for achieving trophies that will be the following:

• 16.05.23 → 19 trophies → 100,000 $SHI prize
• 06.30.23 → 25 trophies → 300,000 $SHI prize
• 08.16.23 → 30 trophies → 100,000 $SHI prize
• 10.16.23 → 34 trophies → 100,000 $SHI prize
• 12.15.23 → minimum 45 trophies → 400,000 $SHI prize

Later we will explain what criteria will be followed for the distribution of these prizes.

Once the album is completed, it will be mandatory to burn the collectibles (except for those corresponding to the President and Legend categories) to obtain the rewards. In all cases, it will be necessary to evolve some of the digital collectibles to complete the album or get those that are necessary to achieve the objective in the secondary market.

The Rewards

The reward for completing the album will be obtained by reaching at least the 11 mandatory collectible positions and reaching the established minimum trophy target. Once these milestones are achieved, the user will have access, in order of accumulated Collection Trophies, to a list of rewards to choose from. There will be all kinds of digital and physical prizes, which we will be announcing in the coming months, but they will mainly be of four types: interaction with one of our partners through an AMA; signed pieces of merchandising or memorabilia; access to meetings and events; and experiences or digital games provided by our partners within the Web 3.0 world. All prizes will be given digitally in the first instance. In the coming weeks, we will give more details about it.

As you can see, these months of waiting have been worth it. We believe that we have developed an attractive and solid proposal focused on strengthening our token, the growth of our community, the concerns raised by their members, and, especially, on continuing to find a way to bring our users closer to their favorite athletes and players through Web 3.0. In turn, we have addressed two key points for our users: offering a clear product roadmap (Drops 2023) and introducing new digital support and clear utility for all our collectibles.

This is just the first version of a digital collecting format linked to rewards and experiences that we consider very promising. We are already working on the next update to continue transferring the best of sport to the Web 3.0 environment. Keep accompanying us. Soon we will send you more news.

The Shirtum Team




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