Shirtum W3.0 Rewards

3 min readJun 6, 2023

Dear community:

The wait is coming to an end! The first Shirtum W3.0 Collectibles reward is coming. In this medium we want to share all the details about the rewards system of this collector's set.

The rewards

Over the last few months, we have been working with our partners to offer you a series of exclusive rewards. For each of them, you can choose to enjoy:

- A piece of physical memorabilia.

- An AMA.

- 2 tickets to an official football match of top teams.

In addition to each partner's prizes, Shirtum will offer interesting prizes in $SHI and these will be awarded directly at Stake.

To qualify for any of these rewards, you must be in possession of the collectibles included in the album, and in turn collect the minimum number of trophies set for each of the rewards.

The trophies you have among all the collectibles will place you in a rank order that determines the distribution of rewards depending on where you rank.

This means that to be the first in the trophy rankings, you must not only get the number of trophies for each reward, but also collect as many trophies as possible for each occasion.

Being at the top of the leaderboard gives you an advantage for the following rewards.

What happens if there is a tie in the number of trophies?

In the event of a tie, the highest position in the MyShi ranking will be considered.

Distribution of the rewards.

As explained above, the distribution of the rewards will be determined by your position in the trophy ranking.

For the first reward, the distribution will be as follows:

  • The top 15 will receive a NFT that will give you access to the AMA with Nico Pareja.
  • The top 5 will receive important prizes in $SHI:

1ST: $147,000 $SHI

2ND: 113.400 $SHI

3RD: 84.000 $SHI

4TH: 42,000 $SHI

5TH: 33,600 $SHI

  • And, as you determined in the shared poll, NFTs will be drawn among the top 15 to serve as a "voucher exchangeable" for two tickets to a Roma match and two tickets to a Sevilla match.

On the other hand, the physical memorabilia pieces will only be part of the reward upon completion of the album,

so we will still have to wait to enjoy the coveted items that our idols have worn during their career.


The trophy ranking snapshot will take place on the day stipulated for the reward at 16.00 UTC. The winners will be announced once all the data has been collected.

In the case of the first reward, the Snapshot will take place on 09.06 at 16.00 UTC.

*Remember that before this date you will have to evolve your collectibles and when you decide that you are already in a suitable place in the collection ranking, click on the "Submit" button.

We are still working to bring our collecting game and the rewards derived from it to as many users as possible.

Keep following us and more news will be coming soon.

The Shirtum team.