We are proud to announce the release of our exclusive Galatasaray NFT collection

2 min readSep 10, 2021


As promised, we are kicking off September with absolute fireworks! Please welcome Galatasaray S.K. to the Shirtum family! We are honoured to have partnered with Galatasaray to release a special NFT collection.

Starting with the founder and number one member of the club Ali Sami Yen, we will create a series of stories that highlight the club’s history and key moments. The first-ever Galatasaray historical NFT collection, produced by our award-winning director, and avid NFT collector, Miguel Faus.

The first NFT collection will launch on October 1st 2021 on the Shirtum web App. Six more collections will be produced throughout the season on important club-related dates.

The NFTs will consist of three different categories: Iconic, Mythical and Legendary. Each NFT will have relevant visual and exclusive video content, which will differ depending on its category and rarity.

Save the dates for the first historical Galatasaray NFT drop:

Legendary: October 1st

Mythical: October 8th

Iconic: October 15th


Galatasaray S.K. was founded in October 1905 by Ali Sami Yen and fellow students of Galatasaray High School. Our collection will highlight the intricate history of Galatasaray S.K., including the unique moments, the achievements and trophies that the club attained. These stories will be embedded into NFTs and will be sold to our community. Yes, access will be granted to the public as well, but we will provide a series of incentives for our token holders and stakers. Stay tuned $SHI holders, we have lots of surprises lined up for you!

Join us on this unique opportunity to collect a piece of the club’s history and

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