Why is Shirtum different?

To explain this, it is necessary to go back to the beginning and tell the full story. Since the first day, we knew that we had in our hands a very special project with great potential, but we were always clear that we had to plan in the long term. Our team has had many debates and discussions regarding countless topics: technology, the functionality of the app, the content of the NFT’s, the relationship with the players, the pre-sale and the release dates, among many others.

More than three years have passed, but we maintain the philosophy, policy and, above all, the main goal of Shirtum: to seek excellence in all areas of the company and to become the reference marketplace for sports stars to share the iconic moments of their careers through NFT’s, starting with football.

Today we find some of the objectives that we set ourselves fulfilled: we completed an MVP (#TheBiggestGame) where we sold over 26,000 NFTs and worked with 120 athletes, our $SHI token is listed, we have agreements with first-level athletes, our application is ready to be launched (you have already seen the first sneek peak) and we have signed integration agreements with prestigious companies that we will announce in the coming days.

Therefore, we want to transmit peace of mind to our community and ask you to continue to trust us, understanding that Shirtum is a long-term project. To reach the excellence and solidity that we mentioned above, we will endeavour to achieve the following objectives: continue to build value by improving our app day after day, sign agreements in the world of football to have the iconic moments of the best players in the world and thus create NFT’s of great value, list our coin on top exchanges, and have a thorough Tokenomics and incentive structure that provides value to all our long-term holders. All of this takes time to build, but we’re confident that our patience will ultimately pay off.

We understand that the Crypto World is dynamic and that many of you are used to receiving news every day, expecting the value of your tokens to rise rapidly. It is not in our plans to run large hype campaigns or spend huge amounts of money on marketing to achieve an “artificial” increase in the value of $ SHI. We want to continue to build real value in the long term and the Shirtum team is absolutely convinced that this is the best way to make the project grow organically and, as a result, boost the price of our token.

We are delighted with the community that we have been able to create in this time and we ask that you continue to trust us. And those of you who have not joined us yet, do it with confidence, we will not disappoint you.

Stay tuned! Great news coming soon.

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