Bridge Multichain available for $SHI

2 min readMar 28, 2023

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce that, starting today, the Multichain Bridge is available in which it will be possible to transfer our native $SHI token between all available networks: Ethereum (ERC-20), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polygon Network.

You can enter the Bridge by clicking here.

The procedure is very simple. First, the wallet containing the $SHI must be connected to the site. Once connected, you must enter the number of tokens you want to transfer and select the source network in the upper box. In the box below, the destination network must be selected, and the application will automatically display the amount of $SHI that will be received, discounting network fees, which vary depending on which Blockchain the user is operating on.

Once all the fields are completed, click on SWAP. A confirmation popup will open. This is the last instance to verify that all the data is correct and confirm the operation. Then the transaction must be signed in the wallet and the funds will arrive at their destination in a few minutes. The time to complete the operation also varies depending on the networks in which it is operated.

As we announced days ago, during April, staking pools will be available in each of these networks that will have the same annual return (APY) in all cases. While staking earnings will be the same regardless of the network, having the tokens on Polygon will bring more benefits as our W3.0 Pass and W3.0 Collectibles will be minted on this network.

The W3.0 Pass will allow $SHI to be loaded for staking profits (read previous article) and W3.0 Collectibles can be evolved to higher tiers by depositing a preset amount of $SHI into the digital collectible (read previous article).

As you can see, we continue to make steady progress with our Roadmap for this year. In the coming weeks, we will be reporting on the next steps: the launch of the W3.0 Pass (includes Polygon staking), our W3.0 Collectibles Album, and the reopening of the staking pools at BSC.

Stay tuned.

The Shirtum Team